Saturday, February 14, 2015

Valentines Day

Wishing everyone a self loving valentines Day!

This has not always been my favorite Holiday, as it was often marked with conflict and pain in my family. Just like with every other Holiday celebration I am deciding what it means to me and choosing to feel or do whatever I need to.

This Valentines day is quiet, and we aren't going to do too much. In fact we went out together yesterday as a Valentines date (missing all the chaos today). It's kind of nice that we don't have any expectations for Valentines this year and we both discussed and agreed on what we wanted to do.

As with Christmas I think I am realizing that even with all my losses in family and friends over the last few years I am ending up with more out of less. I am slowly figuring out who I am outside of that abusive system and finding things that make me happy. I may not have a lot of family connection for Holidays but I also have no narcissists, and no drama!

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