Friday, February 13, 2015

On a personal note:


First I want to thank you for reading my blog! This has been a really great therapeutic project for me. I hope I help others in the process of working on my own healing and as I find my voice they feel encouraged to find theirs.

I am in the middle of my Princess Culture series and have been working on the next installment; Tangled up in the Tower. It has taken me longer than normal to get this post together due to a lot of things going on in my life- which is also something I need to write about! Lots of things to write about I just need to find the time in-between everything else.

I hope to get back on track in the next week or so, but I want to make sure I am putting health and healing before blogging.

I would also very much like to finish up my over due final post for the My Story series, it's on my list I promise!

Thank you and Best Wishes,


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