Thursday, January 8, 2015

The post where Vaarsuvius reincarnates as a Persian cat

It may sound rather evil, but any person struggling with childhood abuse might understand this; I told spouse the other day as it randomly occurred to me, that I hoped if V dies they come back reincarnated as a pinch faced, vain puffball, Persian cat! I can't think of a better embodiment of their narcissism!

I know it does not sound very mature or enlightened, but it is actually a brilliant way for me to view them. It re-imagines them to where they are no longer a domineering figure who might still try to punish me. It's just like in Harry Potter when they face the Boggart which manifests as one of their worst fears. The are supposed to re-imagine it and shout ridiculous! And it turns into something funny, taking away that power of terror. 
Also because there can be some difficulty in sorting through the betrayal by parents who abuse, being able to imagine them this way, poke fun etc. can help to sort through all the confusion. When you shrink them down to size or imagine them like I have with V here, you then have this safe space to acknowledge how horrible they were, all the things they did and be angry.

So I am officially dubbing Thursday as V-day! I will be posting my favorite images of Persian cats that best capture the spirit of V. I will also consider dedicating a Pinterest board to this new hobby!

Happy Thursday (it's almost Friday!)

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