Saturday, August 1, 2015

Late Summer Rituals, keeping the peace

Lughnasadh (loo-na-sa) August 1'st

     It's August first and keeping up with my intent to follow the wheel of the year calendar  I am  celebrating Lughnasadh today. I will be baking bread with my spouse; Lughnasadh is all about bread, wheat, corn. I also might try my hand at an apple pie. So far following the pagan calendar has been really nice. I appreciate marking the change of seasons and being present and thoughtful about it. It's also helped shift the pain and burden surrounding the loss of family and holiday events with them. 

     Today I found it really important to do a few small things and celebrate because of the whirlwind of recent family drama. Focusing on things like this keep my intention on creating the life I want for myself away from abuse. Trying to focus on all the powerfully good feelings helps me keep my peace. It's not easy and I have been crumbling at the seams a few times lately. But focusing on things like this can be like creating an imagined ball of white light around yourself and it makes it harder for the other crap to get it in.  

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